Develco Has Round 30 Years Anniversary

Like the round O of the logo, Develco can celebrate its 30th anniversary. Since the establishment of the company in 1989, Develco has developed many interesting technological products and wireless communication solutions for various industries and trades. Grundfos, Volvo, Beumer Group and many others count among the customers.

Strong Technological Competences

As a development house and an external co-operation partner, Develco offers a full-service concept focusing on product development and production management. Develco’s strong competences within electronics, embedded software, wireless communication technologies and IoT solutions as well as a systematic development process focusing on the customer’s needs, quality and Design for Manufacturing ensure a robust product solution ready for production.

Responsible and Flexible Development Partner

Develco can take on the entire responsibility right from the idea phase to the development of concept and the finished product as well as production management. During the whole development process, Develco has an ongoing and constructive communication and dialogue with the customers. Develco’s project management is structured and manages the development process either according to the customer’s development model or Develco’s own stage-gate model.

“We take care of our customers’ development projects and are always focusing on getting 100% around all phases in the development processes of the customers’ new technological product solutions,” says CEO Jakob Bjerre.

The Development House Develco Has 30 Years Anniversary