Anyware Smart Adaptor is a Product Developed by Develco

– the Brilliant Danish News Caused a Stir at CES in Las Vegas

Be bright. Yes, this is literally the common sense foundation in the Anyware-concept – an intelligent, multifunctional smart home device, integrated in a E27 / E14 adapter, in for example a LED bulb.

Consumer Electronics Show (CES)

CES is an annual event that celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. More than 3,800 exhibitors and 177,000 visitors attended the fair in January. The entrepreneurial company Anyware Solutions was among the exhibitors and presented a prototype model of the adapter. The competition for attention at the show was obviously tough, but Anyware Solutions met great interest and was presented at the television channel News Watch which transmits via various US networks, including Discovery. The spot in NewsWatch contained, inter alia, the following editorial comments about Anyware Solutions:

“One company  that caught our eye in this field (smart home) is Anyware  … The Anyware Smart Adaptor is the smallest lamp socket adaptor in the world. Even though it’s small, it’s packed with features and sensors like sound, temperature and humidity that allow you to control and monitor many aspects of your home. ”

Anyware Solutions is a Danish company, but with a global focus, and several collaborations are already in place with partners in insurance, utilities and telecommunications, according to the management of the company.

Anyware Smart Adaptor was not Quite Easy or a Straightforward Development Project

The founders of the company Anyware Solutions addressed Develco to solve the development task. The concept proposal was described, but to ensure an accurate and a realistic project, they first had to work out  a detailed concept clarification (initially carried out). This revealed options and risks as well as the consequent appropriate modifications. Mechanics was the big challenge as the size and shape are determined by the cavity between the wraps in E27 / E14 adapter. Compared to the wishes of functionality, the available space was therefore very cramped. Develco had to use very small components, such as 3×3 mm Pson ICs, and the PCB is a flexible Rigid-Flex PCB. Anyware Smart Adaptor can be operated via Anyware app, but it will also be compatible with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa / Echo and the service IFTTT.

“It is vital for us to provide a solution that is so small that it becomes almost invisible in the users’ home or office. We want to turn to the ordinary consumer, not only to technology enthusiasts, so it is important that our solution is easy to get started and simple to use. “Says co-founder and partner Jan H. Christiansen, Anyware Solutions.

Sales Manager Jakob Bjerre says: “Thanks to Moore’s Law, there is currently very small and efficient IC’s on the market. It has made it possible for us to develop a very sophisticated – while very small – integrated adaptor that, among other things, can act as a dimmer switch and alarm. It can measure light, temperature, humidity and sound as well as transmit via the built-in WiFi and Bluetooth Low Energy interfaces. As Moore’s Law will probably apply also in the coming years, Anyware Smart Adaptor will undoubtedly have a great potential in the future with more and more built-in features.

Design For Manufacturing

Develco has not only been responsible for the development task in relation to Anyware Smart Adaptor, but also for product maturity. Develco has also been responsible for the design and development of plastic molds necessary for the production of prototypes and for mass production. One of Develco’s core competencies is exactly Design For Manufacturing. Optimization in relation to production costs and quality is of course essential to the success and profitability of a product.