Grundfos MI 401 Alpha Reader

Wireless Device for Hydronic Balancing of Heating Systems

After having developed the Alpha 3 pump Grundfos wanted an intelligent device for hydronic balancing of heating systems consisting of circulation pumps and radiators. The purpose of the new smart device was to achieve an easy installation, optimization of the hydronic balancing of the heating system, reduced energy consumption, and transmission of reliable data. Grundfos contacted Develco with their specific development project, which in addition had a very tight deadline of 7 months.

Develco has been responsible for all phases in the development project from Grundfos’ first product idea to the finished developed intelligent dongle MI401 Alpha Reader and has handed over the wireless device to production at an EMS partner in Thailand. MI401 Alpha Reader is mounted on the front of the Grundfos pump with a small “window”, where it reads light signals from the pump and via Bluetooth Low Energy transmits data to the App Grundfos GO Balance developed by Trifork.

Grundfos MI 401 Alpha Reader

Development of the Entire Product

Develco has developed the entire product with electronics, embedded software, mechanics, and wireless communication for MI 401 Alpha Reader. For the mechanics Grundfos wanted a sleek device of high quality, and Develco has developed the MI 401 Alpha Reader with an aesthetical design. For the functions of the MI401 Alpha Reader Grundfos wanted a long battery lifetime and an exceptional radio performance. As wireless communication protocol Bluetooth Low Energy has been chosen providing a long battery lifetime and a long signal range for transmission of reliable heating data to the App Grundfos GO Balance. In larger installations the MI 401 Alpha Reader also functions as a repeater eliminating the challenges with signal range.

Develco has met the very tight deadline for the development project, and Grundfos has been able to launch their intelligent wireless balancing system MI 401 Alpha Reader in due time.


  • Communication between Grundfos devices, MI 401 Alpha Reader and Grundfos GO Balance via Bluetooth LE 4.2
  • Optimized Battery Lifetime
  • Repeater Function
Intelligent Dongle MI 401 Alpha Reader