iDOL 63 Cloud Gateway

Smart Farming with Transmission of Sensor Data from Farms to the Cloud

For DOL Sensors, Develco has designed and developed hardware and embedded software for the iDOL 63 Cloud Gateway/IoT Enabler implemented with software protocols for integration with the Cloud. Develco has been working together with the NPI and PTA departments at SKOV A/S (DOL Sensors) about the production maturation phase of the IoT Enabler.

Project Manager Erik Refsgaard at Develco says: “DOL Sensors came with the overall specifications to their gateway for smart farming. Throughout the entire design and development process we have had a close co-operation and a constructive dialogue with DOL Sensors about the intelligent iDOL 63 Cloud Gateway which must communicate data to the Cloud. Develco has digitized the analog sensors and connected the gateway to Microsoft Azure. For the IoT Enabler we have used the leading IoT protocol MQTT message protocol. All inputs in the gateway are generic and configurable via the Cloud or via NFC communication from e.g. a Smartphone. The iDOL 63 Cloud Gateway has an SD card storing all data in case of no connection to the Cloud, from where the software can also be updated. For DOL Sensors, data security has been of high priority, and consequently all gateways have individual certificates encrypting the sensitive data from the farms via HTTPS”.

iDOL 63 Cloud Gateway
Smart Farming with iDOL 63 Cloud Gateway in chicken farm
Smart Farming with iDOL 63 Cloud Gateway in pig farm


  • ARM® Cortex® -M7, 2Mbyte FLASH and 512 kbyte SRAM
  • Data Storage; 16Mbyte SDRAM, 8Mbyte FLASH and 32GByte SD-card
  • 10/100 MB Ethernet
  • Power over Ethernet, PoE 802.3 AT type 2
  • 8 fully protected configurable Analog/Digital Inputs, with > 0,5% accuracy
  • NFC via NDEF data format
  • Secure connection to Azure using TLS and device specific certificates
  • MQTT message protocol


“DOL Sensors is one of the leading manufacturers of climate sensors for chicken and pig farms with thousands of sensors installed in +80 countries with the purpose to produce the best chickens and pigs. We needed a fast and easy Cloud Gateway that can be used by a single farmer and on large farms. The gateway must display all climate data from the farm on one screen: light, temperature, humidity, CO², ammonia, and more. Develco has developed hardware platform, architecture, and IoT solution making data available outside the farm. The match between DOL Sensors, SKOV, and Develco has been absolutely perfect for us. Develco is an experienced and proactive development partner. We have been confident that the development project was completed as agreed, while we could concentrate on our core business. The good co-operation has characterized the entire project with development and design at DOL Sensors and start-up of production at SKOV ”, says Product Manager Bo Fredborg at DOL Sensors.