NoNOx – Motor Controllers For Automotive Electronics



When Grundfos approached Develco, they had a concept for reducing NOx gases. Grundfos had found out that urea could be injected into diesel exhaust gases and therefore came to Develco due to our expertise in the management of dosing pumps. Grundfos needed to develop an electronic engine management for their innovative concept. The cooperation thus started out as an exploratory technology project with the aim of getting a proven concept and product. This resulted in a long-term development cooperation.

Develco’s Solution

Develco was responsible for project management and developed both hardware and embedded software for the product. Subsequently, Develco developed test systems and managed start-up of production. Thus Develco was in charge for the development from the first prototype to product maturation and the final commissioning and validation of production equipment. The product was developed in several versions which should both retrofit on existing vehicles and be integrated in new vehicles. Develco contributed with profound expertise in electronically commissioned engines including brushless DC motors and stepper motors. Develco developed a control that could measure different parameters, calculate dosage data and then dose the exact and correct amount of fluid into the exhaust gas.

Automotive electronics are subject to extremely strict requirements as the electronics must function in “harsh environments” (extreme temperature changes, oil and grease, dirt, vibrations, etc.). For these reasons electronics for automotive must comply wiht a wide range of standards and tests requirements including HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Test) and HASS (Highly Accelerated Stress Test).


Grundfos developed a NoNOx dosing pump being an environmental technology innovation. Together with the so-called selective catalytic reduction (SCR) and catalytic converter technology it is possible to reduce NOx emissions from diesel vehicles by up to 90 percent and fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by up to 10 percent. In 2007, NoNOX received the Engineer’s Product Prize  in the energy and environment category. In 2008, the product was awarded with the Danish EU environmental award to the industry in the environmental technology category.

By working with Develco, Grundfos had a development partner who could provide qualified advice on questions in technology choices and be in charge of  the development of the electronics that would meet the high automotive requirements. In the last year of the project, some Grundfos employees were physically located at Develco’s offices to optimize collaboration and ensure maximum knowledge transfer to Grundfos.

Grundfos developed and matured a technology that could form the basis for an independent business. Grundfos NoNOx A/S was sold in 2010 to the German manufacturer of exhaust systems, Emitec, owned by Continental and GKN.