Motor Controller for Automotive Electronics

Grundfos had invented a concept for reduction of NoNOx gasses by injection of urea into the exhaust gasses from diesel vehicles. For the innovative NoNOx concept Grundfos looked for a technology development partner to develop an electronic motor controller. Owing to our wide expertise in management of dosing pumps Grundfos contacted Develco. The development of the motor controller for the intelligent NoNOx urea dosing pump for diesel vehicles resulted in a long-standing development project between Grundfos and Develco.


Development from Concept to Finished Product Mature for Electronics Production

The NoNOx project started as an exploratory development project with the purpose of concept test and product development. Develco has been responsible for the development of hardware and embedded software for the motor controller, the management of production of 0-series, and the project management. For the NoNOx dosing pump Develco has contributed with profound expertise within electronically commutated motors and control of step motors. After development of the first prototype Develco developed test systems to mature the product and managed set-up of production until final validation of product equipment. The final NoNOx dosing pump was developed in various versions to accommodate both retrofitting to existing diesel vehicles and integration into new diesel vehicles.

An exact dosage is important, and the electronic controller can measure different parameters, calculate dosage data, and dose the correct amount of fluid urea into the exhaust gasses. Automotive electronics function in harsh environments with extreme temperatures, oil and grease, dirt, vibrations etc. – and must comply with strict test standards such as HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Test) and HASS (Highly Accelerated Stress Test). The engineers from Develco and Grundfos had a very close co-operation about the right choice of technology and the development of the motor controller. The finished developed NoNOx dosing pump met the high automotive test requirements.

Significant Reduction of NoNOx Gasses

Together with the SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) catalyst technology the NoNOx dosing pump can reduce NOx emissions by up to 90 % and fuel consumption and CO₂ emissions by up to 10 % from diesel vehicles. The NoNOx dosing pump was an environmental technology innovation and received two prizes: in 2007 the Engineer’s Product Prize in the energy and environment category – and in 2008 the Danish EU environmental award to the industry in the environmental technology category.

Grundfos NoNOx was an independent business unit at Grundfos until 2010, when Grundfos sold it to the German manufacturer of exhaust systems, Emitec owned by Continental and GKN.


  • Reduction of up to 90% NOx particles
  • Designed for Heavy Duty Truck, Non-Road Mobile Machinery and Retrofit
  • Pump Capacity 7.5 L/H
  • Integrated Electronic Controller
  • Complies with High Automotive Test Requirements
  • CANJ1939
  • On Board Diagnostics OBD
  • -40°C – 85°C ambient