Wear&Care Technologies

The Intelligent Solution for Diapers

Wear&Care Technologies

Wear&Care Technologies develops and implements technological solutions focusing on welfare and Develco is pleased to contribute, introducing smart solutions to long-existing problems in society.

Need for Health Care Optimization

For many years, there has been a recognition of the need for improved care and reduction in wasted time and unnecessary inconvenience with respect to dependent people with incontinence. An intelligent solution had to be the goal. Despite this recognition, the realization has been long in coming due to economic and technological reasons.
However, Wear&Care Technologies had developed the groundbreaking concept idea Wear&Care ®, containing a new, patented sensor technology. The system should detect moisture levels and – via a small transceiver on the outside of the diaper and wireless ZigBee network – transmit and store data. Caregivers shall be informed on smart phone, if nappies need changing. Wear&Care Technologies approached Develco in order to realize this concept.

Intelligent Diaper with Wireless Technology

Develco has developed the wireless communication technology sending data from the sensor through the transceiver to the cloud. The intelligent solution for diapers uses ZigBee communication technology with a gateway that transmits via Ethernet. The road from concept idea into a usable product was extremely demanding in terms of ensuring a valid and reliable data acquisition, since many parameters affect the measurement results. Develco’s many years of experience with embedded software and development of wireless communication technologies has made it possible for Develco to offer Wear&Care Technologies expertise all the way from concept to product innovation and production.

Improved Health Care

Wear&Care Technologies has gained the development of a product that can contribute to a significant improvement in the welfare area and with a great international potential. The intelligent solution for diapers represents a product that can both provide improved quality of life for the individual, as well as for caregivers – and reduce the waste of time and other resources. The collected data about a user can be used in the general development of the care, treatment and health care to ensure the right kind of care at the right time to the individual user.