Wear&Care Technologies

The Intelligent Diaper Solution – Optimized Health Care for People with Incontinence

Wear&Care Technologies develops and implements technological solutions focusing on welfare and health care. To improve care for incontinent people Wear&Care Technologies had developed the concept idea Wear&Care® with a patented sensor technology to detect moisture levels in diapers via a small transceiver on the outside of the diaper and transmit and store data via a wireless ZigBee network. The caregivers and the nursing staff were to receive data information on their smartphones when it was time to change diapers on the incontinent people.

However, Wear&Care Technologies needed expertise within wireless communication technology from Develco in order to realize their concept idea Wear&Care® to a finished intelligent diaper product solution.

Wear&Care Technologies

From Concept to Production of Intelligent Diapers

Develco’s many years of experience within product development with embedded software and wireless communication protocols has been the right choice of Technology Development Partner for Wear&Care Technologies. For data collection from the sensor technology through the transceiver Develco has developed wireless communication with the protocol ZigBee. In order to transmit the large amount of sensor data on to the Cloud Develco has also developed wireless communication for a gateway with Ethernet technology.

For Wear&Care Technologies Develco has realized their product idea from concept phase and on to a finished developed intelligent diaper product solution ready for production.

Improved Health Care

The Wear&Care® intelligent diaper solution has resulted in improved health care with various advantages:

  • The incontinent people with a need of care experience a greater quality of life.
  • The nursing staff and the caregivers get a better working environment with less changes of diapers.
  • Municipalities achieve a better economy owing to the reduced consumption of diapers.
  • The smaller consumption of diapers has a positive impact on the environment.


  • Wireless ZigBee Communication
  • Wireless Charging