Develco’s Grand Old Man Logs Off

After 30 years developing electronics solutions, Regner Krug Bendtsen, COO and Chairman of the Board at Develco, has decided to step back from daily operations. For many years Regner has made his mark on the industry. That era is coming to a close and a new one is beginning.

Regner is a well-known face in the electronics industry. He has had a long career developing solutions on many levels; most recently as COO, co-owner, and Chairman of the Board for the R&D firm Develco.

In his many years in the industry, Regner has managed and developed processes to tackle all phases of electronics production. He has delivered countless projects and contributed to the introduction of new electronics products both domestically and abroad.

Empathetic Leadership

Corporate Social Responsibility has always been close to Regner’s heart. He has made it a top priority to maintain a high moral standard and level of personal integrity, whether it be in collaboration with customers, suppliers, or employees. This led him to establish for Develco a Code of Conduct, and to join the UN Global Compact.

Regner’s empathetic leadership has engendered loyalty, a team culture, and a high degree of longevity among Develco’s employees. There’s only one Regner Krug Bendtsen, and he’ll be missed.

Regner will step down from the COO post at the end of 2019. When asked how he will spend his time, he does not hesitate: “I have had a long and exciting career and am grateful for the opportunity to make my mark in Denmark’s high-tech industry. Now it’s time to cultivate other interests, of which there’s no shortage when one lives in the country with a 5000 sq. meter garden, a greenhouse, and a small orchard.”

Chairman of the Board

Regner will not be leaving Develco entirely, however: he will continue to serve as Chairman of the Board. “It’s important to maintain continuity when technology evolves as quickly as it does in Develco’s area of specialty. We have a number of exciting projects underway, and I look forward to continuing to set overall strategy,” he concludes.

As of January 2020, responsibility for Develco operations will be assumed by CEO Jakob Bjerre and Senior Project Manager Erik Refsgaard.

Chairman of the Board Regner Krug Bendtsen, Develco