Develco develops complete IoT solutions from device to data together with Trifork

With Develco and Trifork, the development process is in the hands of experienced technology development partners. Right from hardware development of devices to visualization of valuable data. At the exhibition Digital Tech Summit 2021 Develco shows various customer solutions developed with the latest technologies.

The development within digitization, technology, and Internet of Things IoT is going extremely fast. Many companies do not have an overview of how a complete IoT solution with data collection and data analysis can add value to the business’ success and turnover. Elaboraton of the digital strategy and prioritization of interesting data for collection is the first step for the individual company. From strategy to solution, the external and independent Technology Development Partner Develco offers one stop shop together with Trifork and develops complete IoT solutions tailored to the customer’s business. Often, a complete IoT solution with visualization of collected data can provide new business opportunities of great value to a company.

Develco and Trifork guide the company through the entire development process with digitization of analogue products and business processes – from hardware development of devices to data collection, data hosting, Cybersecurity, Cloud solution, and data management. At the same time, the two development partners take data security with Cybersecurity into account in a digital world, where hacking of data constitutes an increasing and greater risk in IoT solutions. Develco bases IoT security on confidentiality, integrity, and availability and implements these three factors in development of new IoT solutions with electronics, embedded software, and wireless communication. In close co-operation with the customer Trifork and Develco focus on user-friendliness in a complete digital solution.

Through the years, Develco and Trifork have developed many different digital IoT solutions for instance to Smart Farming, Smart Home, Smart Building, Smart Entreprise, Smart City, and Smart Digital Lab. At Develco’s booth 42 during Digital Tech Summit 2021 in Copenhagen you can get inspiration for new digital solutions in the exhibited IoT solutions.

Develco is also ready to guide your company safely through the entire development process of complete IoT solutions. We place great emphasis on co-operation, new technological product solutions, flexibility, project management, and responsibility in the development process together with our customers. At Digital Tech Summit we look forward to welcoming current and new customers to a talk about realizing their exciting ideas for new digital solutions”, says CEO Jakob Bjerre at Develco.

Develco Exhibits at Digital Tech Summit 2021
Develco Exhibits at Booth 42 during Digital Tech Summit 2021

If you did not have the time to visit Develco and Trifork at the exhibition, you can see our booth here.