Complete Products with Electronics and Mechanics Ready for Use

The two experienced development houses Develco and Kapacitet offering tailor-made product development of complete mechatronics products for customers’ needs will exhibit during the electronics exhibition of the future E-22.


With the increased focus on digitization and Internet of Things IoT in the wake of the pandemic COVID-19, the supply of and the demand for electronics products have increased significantly. Companies, consumers, and the public sector often make heavy demands on the design and the use of new electronics products. The two complementary development partners Develco and Kapacitet integrate different engineering disciplines in development of new electronics products and meet customers’ high expectations for complete products ready for today’s use.

Develco develops various electronics products such as sensors and gateways with hardware, embedded software, wireless communication etc. In development of electronics, Develco designs simple or advanced circuits with both analogue and digital electronics and uses the latest microcontrollers with wired or wireless connections. At the same time, Develco develops robust electronics solutions being ready for mass production and the environmental impacts and usage patterns to which the products are exposed.

Kapacitet complements Develco’s development competences with a wide experience and an expertise within design of mechanics for physical products with integration to electronics. The development house has designed mechanics for various products such as machines and controls for various industries. But Kapacitet has also noticed the trend with quite a number of development projects with advanced cabinets for electronics products. In product development Kapacitet focuses on IP rating and physically challenging environments with rain, moisture, heat etc., so that the mechanical design of the final product lives up to the customers’ wishes.

Develco and Kapacitet have developed many electronics products for various industries for both Start Ups and established companies. We take care of the project management and make sure that everything plays together in the development process of complete electronics products with hardware, embedded software, and mechanics from product idea to finished electronics product. During E-22, Develco is exhibiting together with Kapacitet and looks forward to welcoming current and new customers to a talk about development of new mechatronics products”, says CEO Jakob Bjerre at Develco.

Develco and Kapacitet exhibit at booth C-4613 during E-22
Develco and Kapacitet exhibit at booth C-4613 during E-22 in Odense Congress Center. You can see our common booth in the video.