Develco Profile Leaflet

In the profile leaflet you can read more about Develco as a Technology Development Partner offering a full service concept focusing on production management and product development with competences within electronics, embedded software, wireless communication technology, and IoT solutions.

The profile leaflet describes Develco’s quality assurance with certification in the quality management system ISO 9001:2015, Develco’s CSR policy, and Develco’s project model for product development. In the leaflet you can find inspiration for new digital product ideas for your company. We describe cases about Develco’s product development of new smart products with product facts and a customer statement from the company for which Develco has developed the product solution.

The profile leaflet describes the values for your company by co-operating with Develco as a flexible and responsible development partner who realizes your exciting ideas for new intelligent products and completes the development process according to the agreed plans and conditions with your company.

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Develco Company Profile Leaflet