Develco and Trainees

The story is long, substantial and positive because the development house, Develco, has many years of successful experience with trainees for engineering or marketing tasks.

What I hear, I forget

What I see, I remember

What I do, I understand

The Future of Denmark Must Be Ensured

The theme is debated frequently – especially in politics – and there is a broad consensus  that education is an important prerequisite for future growth, prosperity and a civilized society. On a personal level, education can be of value in itself, but in the community perspective, education should lead to relevant employment and enrich in a larger context. Therefore, work experience is important. A well-functioning internship might be the source of a useful broad spectrum of learning and pave the way for permanent employment in a company. Successive Employment Ministers have addressed a strong appeal to businesses and educational institutions about more internships and improved cooperation. The need for more internship is part of the ongoing tripartite negotiations, and top government has indicated willingness to put on the thumbscrews. They will not be necessary in relation to Develco.

Internships in Develco

Many young people have during or after graduation had an internship in Develco. Some have returned years after or for one individual, he has gone straight from trainee to permanent employment. Develco’s management tells about Develco’s attitude to have interns. “We are very positive and take-in trainees to the extent of our capacity. Develco is a small company, but we believe that this is not a hindrance to have one or two trainees in the company. Develco wants to show public spirit and meet political objectives. But there is no need to polish the halo too much. In our opinion, it is also beneficial for Develco. Of course, we must live up to our commitment and develop the skill level of the trainee, and this requires that we make some resources available. On the other hand, the trainees have also contributed to Develco with their skills and perhaps a new and refreshing perspective on things. Overall, we consider it a “win win win” situation for the trainee, for Develco and the society“.

A Trainee Says

Torben Rosenkrants Grann is an electronical engineer from the Engineering College of Aarhus and has recently completed his internship in Develco. Immediately after, he obtained permanent employment in Develco. From a rigorous source-critical perspective, this can of course raise doubts about his impartiality, but there is  no reason for that. “Develco has really questioned me whether I have experienced negative aspects of being a trainee in the company, but actually I cannot think of anything. I got a good introduction, both concerning tasks and socially and soon, I had work with professional-related tasks. My colleagues have been welcoming and helpful. After a short time, I joined a project where I should work with embedded software and programming in C, which is a competence that I very much want to use and develop“, says Torben and continues: “A fact that may be a little negative in relation to an internship  is the requirements from side of the employment system  about active job search alongside the stay. Personally, however, I have experienced a very supportive and flexible attitude from the job center.”

As a small curiosity, it can be added that the beer brewing club of the staff association has been an extra plus at Develco seen with Torben’s eyes. Beer brewing is one of his great hobbies.