Tailored Wireless Communication for IoT Solutions

After many years of experience with product development Develco has strong competences within wireless technologies and communication protocols. Wireless communication constitutes an important part of many IoT solutions.

Digitization of Products for IoT Solutions

Most companies want to keep up with the rapidly growing digital transformation. Therefore many companies need the development of electronics, embedded software, and wireless communication for new or existing products due to the digital development. For the new digital solutions, there is a need for Connectivity for data collection, so that the new products can be integrated into a complete IoT solution with Cloud solutions and the possibility of data analysis and optimization of the company’s value chain. Together with Trifork Develco can offer development of complete End-to-End IoT solutions from devices to valuable data in the Cloud.

No IoT Solution without Connectivity

Develco has a solid expert knowledge within wireless communication for various situations. We recommend either a wired or a wireless connection and tailor the choice of sensor technology and communication protocol based on the specific business case with various important factors such as: range, data volume, speed, network, roaming, power consumption etc. Before choosing the most optimal communication protocol for the customers’ smart products we compare the customers’ need for data collection with the advantages and disadvantages of the many individual communication protocols.

We Tailor the Wireless Communication to the Customers’ New Digital Products

“At Digital Tech https://kapacitet.dk/Summit 2023 we will be exhibiting on stand 1003 and look forward to an interesting dialogue with you about tailored wireless communication for your new or existing digital products. We are exhibiting together with the company Kapacitet being experts in product development of mechanics. Together Develco and Kapacitet can develop complete new products with hardware, embedded software, and mechanics for your new IoT solutions.” says CSO Jakob Bjerre at Develco.

Develco Development Wireless Communication
Develco tailors the wireless communication for your new digital products