Develco Exhibits Groundbreaking New Technology Solutions at EOT

EOT – Electronics of Tomorrow connecting people, industries, knowledge sharing, network, and business closely together is the new permanent meeting place for the industries with electronics and technology.

Technology Development Partner Develco is one of the exhibitors and shows exciting electronics solutions with new technologies at the EOT booth.

Develco offers a full-service concept within product development and production management and works as an external independent development partner for our customers. The experienced development team at Develco has strong competencies in product development of technology solutions with electronics, embedded software, wireless communication, and Internet of Things IoT. As a Technology Development Partner, Develco is of course following the technological development within electronics, information technology, digitization, communication protocols, smart product solutions, Industry 4.0, and more.

High-Tech Incubator for Functional 3D Cell Culture

At the booth, Develco exhibits various product solutions with electronics and technology. One of the new technology solutions is the advanced incubator ClinoStar™, which Develco has developed in close and constructive collaboration with the biotech company CelVivo.

CelVivo’s ClinoStar™ system is designed for growing 3D cell cultures. The cells are grown in a bioreactor which rotates gently. This technique makes it possible to grow 3D cell cultures with minimal mechanical stress and strain, and over a very long timeperiod.

The advantage of the method is that the 3D cell cultures grown with a ClinoStar™ show a previously unattainable consistency with in vivo tissue material and in this way are the ideal models for research in cancer, medicines, and basic research. Furthermore, the system is easy to apply and the models grown in ClinoStar™ have a high reproducibility.

Develco has developed electronics, hardware, embedded software, and wireless communication for CelVivo’s ClinoStar™, which is of high technological quality with precise motor control and climate control of the bioreactors as well as camera control to follow the development of the cells in the bioreactors. Here you can read the case about Develco’s product development of ClinoStar™.

“The development of CelVivo’s ClinoStar™ has been an incredibly exciting development project – and at the same time a project where Develco’s development team has applied their wide technological competences. We look forward to presenting CelVivo’s ClinoStar ™ together with other new technology solutions at EOT 2021 and talking to visitors about their fantastic ideas for new electronics products”, says CEO Jakob Bjerre.

Develco Exhibits at EOT 2021
Develco exhibits at booth M 9972 at EOT 2021.
CelVivo Technological Incubator ClinoStar™ for Functional 3D Cell Culture
ClinoStar ™ with back and front light on. Cameras in the door make it possible to observe the cells without opening the door and disturbing the environment in the chamber.