Three Days with a Focus on the Customers’ Technological Products during Technomania 2023

As a Technology Development Partner Develco has strong competences within product development with electronics, embedded software, wireless communication, and Internet of Things IoT. Develco develops new smart product solutions in a constructive co-operation with the customers.

Exhibition of New Product Solutions

At Technomania 2023 Develco exhibits the smart IoT solution iV2GO for intravenous IV treatment together with other new developed products for the customers. For OSAA Innovation’s new smart mobile pump iV2GO Develco has developed electronics including display, embedded software, sensor interface, and wireless communication to iV2GO’s Cloud server.

Mobile Mechanical Pump iV-GO for Intravenous IV Treatment

OSAA Innovation had already developed the first mobile mechanical pump iV-GO. With iV-GO the patients can receive IV treatment in hospitals, outdoor, in their own homes – yes anywhere on the GO with a feeling of independence and freedom during the IV treatment. For iV-GO OSAA Innovation has won the two awards Red Dot Design Award 2022 and Danish Design Award 2021.

New Smart Mobile Pump iV2GO with Sensors and Connection to the Cloud

OSAA Innovation has wanted to further develop iV-GO and therefore contacted Develco. The result is the smart mobile pump iV2GO with display and sensors which transmit data via the wireless communication protocol NB-IoT/LTM-m to the Cloud. iV2GO’s display shows the device number, the flow rate of the treatment, and the remaining time and the status of the treatment. The new smart mobile pump gives the patient and the nurse increased security during IV treatment. And the hospitals increased bed capacity with fewer bedridden patients for IV treatment.

New Digital Products or Digitization of Existing Products

The digital transformation is happening really fast. We are exhibiting at Technomania stand F 0565. At the exhibition we look forward to hearing about your exciting ideas for completely new products with electronics and embedded software or new digital variants of existing products to collect and transmit relevant data to the Cloud“, says CSO Jakob Bjerre at Develco.

OSAA Innovation iV2GO Smart Mobile IoT Solution
OSAA Innovation’s New Smart Mobile Pump iV2GO for Intravenous IV Treatment