Develco is Participating in the Project Drones4Energy


Together with SDU, Fraunhofer, Geopartner Inspections, Sciences Ventures Denmark and Aarhus University, Develco is participating in the interesting research project Drones4Energy about development of intelligent drones. The project is supported by Innovationsfonden and Energy Fyn and lasts for a period of 3 years.

The purpose of the drone project is that energy companies and utilities want to ensure a more stable electricity supply and cheaper energy. Today, high voltage cables are inspected once a week by helicopters and drones controlled by a person from the ground. The co-operating partners in the drone project are to develop Intelligent drones being able to take pictures of leakages and breakages on the distribution system. Develco’s contribution to the project is the development of the wireless communication technology. A team of four drones must communicate wirelessly with each other and exchange information. At the same time, the drones must receive important data such as weather data from DMI so they do not fly in vain in bad weather.

In order to continuously monitor the power cables for the electricity supply, the drones themselves must connect to high voltages cables and charge their batteries instead of only being able to fly the typical 20 to 30 minutes on their charged batteries.

With lots of energy on the batteries, the drones can keep in the air all the time and send relevant and important data to energy companies and utilities through the wireless communication technology.

The technological solution with intelligent drones can detect malfunctions on the distribution system in due time and ensure cheaper energy. At the same time, the new technology with self-flying and self-charging drones for inspection of high voltage cables is a significantly cheaper alternative to the current manual monitoring.

More information about Drones4Energy.

Development of Intelligent Drones