Develco Exhibits New Electronics Solutions at EOT


EOT is the meeting place for the technology and electronics industry. The experienced and independent development house Develco offering a full service concept within product development and production management shows new electronics solutions during the exhibition.


With Develco as a development partner for innovative products the customers will be guided to the best product solutions with electronics, embedded software, wireless communication technology and IoT. No matter whether the company is a startup or an established company which has decided to outsource the product development to Develco as an external development partner. Develco’s development team possesses several years of experience. The strong development competences include software, hardware, mechanics, Design for Manufacturing, Design for Assembly and Test and Approvals. The customers can safely leave the entire development process of their innovative products to Develco – right from the first creative product idea to the final product and production management.

High Quality Assurance of the Development Process

Develco’s ISO 9001:2015 certification, committed competent engineers and structured development process ensure the best quality of the customers’ final products.

We are constantly improving our development methods in order to ensure the best quality and meet the defined demands and specifications to the specific development project of a new product. We develop functional, durable and sustainable products to our customers. Design for Manufacturing is one of Develco’s core competences to ensure the best quality in the development and production process – of high value to our customers”, says CEO Jakob Bjerre.

Develco’s invitation code with free entrance to the exhibition EOT 2019

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Develco at EOT
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