Frederiksberg Really Becomes Smart City

With technological assistance from Develco, Frederiksberg Supply has initiated a large-scale project on digitalization of the water and heat supply area in the municipality. The first multi-gateways for data collection and transmission of data via wireless networks have been set up in a test trial.

Frederiksberg Supply

The municipally owned company supplies gas, water, district cooling and district heating and is responsible for the drainage of rain and wastewater. Historically, Frederiksberg has always been in the forefront of innovative initiatives that can improve the operation and service levels of the municipality, not least in the supply sector. Denmark’s first combustion plant alias district heating plant was established in Frederiksberg in 1903. In 2014 Frederiksberg Supply was one of the first utilities that could offer district cooling.

Frederiksberg Supply now takes the lead in the concrete implementation of a Smart City network. Director Søren Krøigaard comments:

“The philosophy of Frederiksberg Supply is not – and has never been –lying in the lee and following the flow. We go ahead when it comes to creating a better Frederiksberg for our customers, and the Smart City network will contribute to that. This will be the foundation of a wide range of digital solutions in areas such as energy supply and climate adaptation. This will mean increased efficiency and a much more detailed basis for investments in connection with our construction and renovation projects, as well as better services to our customers. ”

The Project

Factually, the project involves establishing a wireless network in the current infrastructure for collecting data from the consumers’ heat and water meters. Access points are suspended in street lighting to cover collection points for consumption data.

With the establishment, Frederiksberg Supply provides access to real-time data, allowing for better and more precise regulation of district heating and water supply and thus more optimal operation. As a result, savings in current operating expenses can be achieved, and data can be used to ensure the most appropriate capital expenditures.

In a larger perspective, the realization of the project will also allow for collection of data from, for example, rainwater wells and enable operational optimization  in these areas. Frederiksberg Supply has ambitions to measure on the individual consumer’s flow and return temperatures, so that they can guide consumers in a more optimal operation of their systems.

Develco – the Natural Choice of Collaborator

Frederiksberg Supply became aware that Develco could be the right partner because of the company’s extensive knowledge of and experience with wireless technologies. Develco’s CV contains a wide range of IoT solutions.

“Develco has been a highly qualified sparring partner in connection with the choice of wireless technology, which is a difficult context-dependent decision. So, we have had Develco to develop  a solution that matches our needs, “says Project Manager, Digitalization, Peter Daugbjerg Sørensen from Frederiksberg Supply.

Specifically, Develco has contributed to the necessary software adaptation of a flexible gateway that meets Frederiksberg Supply’s requirements for functionality and design as well as the desire to maintain control over the software used. Develco has also developed a cabinet for outdoor use as well as fitted the cabinet with a device that detects broaching. Develco has also been responsible for production and logistics.