Targeted Education for Develco’s New R & D Hardware Engineer

As a new R & D Hardware Engineer, Develco has employed Mathias Tychsen, who has been conscious about his choice of education and simultaneously gained relevant work experience from his high school years and engineering studies towards his engineer job with hardware development at Develco.

Mathias Tychsen has an EUX education as an electronics technician from EUC Syd in Sønderborg, where he already learned about components, troubleshooting, and hardware devices. As a part of the EUX education he had a job as an apprentice at Bitzer Electronics offering cooling, ventilation, and heating management for containers. In January 2023, Mathias has completed his diploma in electronics engineering from Aarhus University. During his engineering studies Mathias did an internship at CERN in Switzerland, where he worked with a beam position amplifier for one of their smaller particle accelerators. In his bachelor’s project at UV Medico, Mathias developed together with his study group a prototype for a hand-held device using UV light to disinfect wounds and prevent infections. At the same time as the bachelor’s project, Mathias was an assistant teacher in the subject IDE Introductory Digital Electronics for new engineering students in the 1st semester at Aarhus University.

At the P-day at Aarhus University, I spoke to Develco for the first time and became interested in applying for a job at Develco, as I would really like to work in a small company with freedom under responsibility. It appeals to me to try my talents against various projects instead of digging myself into a hole and only work with the same thing for the next 10 years“, says Mathias Tychsen. In his spare time, Mathias is busy with various handy projects with his 3D printer, just as he often uses his hands and tools to make furniture, household items, and pieces of jewellery – or try out new food recipes.

Mathias Tychsen Develco A/S