Internships at Develco

Through many years, Develco has had good experience with trainees for engineering or marketing tasks. During the studies or after graduation, many young people have had an internship at Develco. The management at Develco has a clear attitude towards having trainees: “We are very positive and like to have trainees to the extent we have the capacity to do so. Develco is a small company and wants to live up to the political objectives in the field of trainees. For Develco, it has been an advantage, and at the same time the trainee has the possibility to develop his / her skills. This requires us to make the necessary resources available. The trainees have contributed to Develco with their professionalism and perhaps a new and refreshing view of things. All in all, we regard it as a “win-win-win” situation for the trainee, for Develco and for society”.

Some trainees have returned some years after, and a few trainees have gone directly from internship to permanent employment. 

A Trainee Tells

Torben Rosenkrants Grann has an education as electronics engineer from Ingeniørhøjskolen Aarhus Universitet and has had an internship at Develco. Immediately after the internship, he got a permanent job at Develco. “Develco has really asked if I have experienced negative aspects by being a trainee in the company, but actually I cannot think of anything. I experienced a good introduction both professionally and socially, and very fast I started working with professionally relevant projects. The colleagues have been kind and helpful. After a short time I joined a project where I had to work with embedded software and programming in C, which is a competence that I would very much like to use and develop, ”says Torben and continues: “One condition being somewhat negative in relation to an internship is that the employment system requires an active job search from the trainee simultaneously with the internship. However, I have personally experienced a very supportive and flexible attitude from Jobcentret”.

As a small curiosity, we can tell you that the beer club from the staff association has been an extra advantage at Develco from Torben’s point of view. Beer brewing is one of his great hobbies.