Easy Development of IoT Solutions with Develco and Trifork

Develco and Trifork are two companies in the same group and have strong competences within development of complete End-to-End IoT solutions. With us your company therefore collaborates with one supplier taking responsibility for the entire development process of IoT solutions from start to finish.

Complete Tailored End-to-End IoT Solutions

Based on your needs we develop complete End-to-End IoT solutions. From hardware development of devices with embedded software and Connectivity for data collection and on to presentation of valuable and secure data in the Cloud. We guide you through the entire development process from ideas to finished complete IoT solutions with delivery of products and maintenance of the Cloud.

Cybersecurity as an Integrated Part of IoT Solutions

Today many companies have experienced cybercrime and hacking of the company’s sensitive data. As a consequence of these market conditions we are already thinking security into the idea phase of your IoT projects and implementing Cybersecurity throughout the development process.

Your Data – Your IoT Solutions

New technology with digitization, IoT, Cloud, Business Intelligence, Machine Learning etc. provides the possibility of collection and analysis of Big Data. When we complete your IoT projects, your company owns all data, IP rights, and the source code for the finished developed IoT solutions. Future collected data is also your property.

Digital Transformation with IoT Solutions

”Develco and Trifork have developed many interesting IoT solutions with hardware devices for data collection and Cloud solutions with secure data in the Cloud. The development of complete End-to-End IoT solutions can start a digital transformation of your business. The analysis of the collected valuable data can be an important source for new business opportunities with new technology products and services for your company”, says CSO Jakob Bjerre at Develco.