New Software Engineer with the Right Speciality

As a Technology Development Partner Develco are experts in electronics, embedded software, wireless communication, and Internet of Things IoT. For development of the many new product solutions with embedded software, Develco has employed Thomas Toft Andersen as a new R & D Software Engineer.

In January 2022, Thomas has completed his diploma in electronics engineering with the specialization embedded software from Aarhus University. Precisely this specialization made it easy for Develco to select Thomas as a new software engineer. In his bachelor project, Thomas gained experience with Bluetooth Low Energy BLE, which he is still working on in his spare time projects. From his studies, Thomas has 1 1/2 years of experience with technology from his internship and student job at Kamstrup, where he worked in the Wireless Communication department with development of hardware and prototypes as well as test of new technologies.

As a newly graduated engineer, I am grateful that Develco has hired me in their development team. For me, the dream job has always been an engineering job in a development house, where I can work on different projects with new technologies and constantly get new challenges. Already during my engineering studies, I got a good impression of Develco partly at Aarhus University’s internship day known as the P-day and partly at the exhibition EOT Electronics of Tomorrow 2021, where I visited Develco’s booth and talked about the exhibited technological product solutions. Therefore, the job as a R & D Software Engineer at Develco is the right job for me”, says Thomas Toft Andersen.

Thomas Toft Andersen Develco AS