New R&D Software Engineer Gets Off to a Flying Start at Develco

At Develco we are busy with many new development projects and are always working with the latest technologies in the development of innovative products and solutions within electronics, embedded software, wireless communication technology and IoT for Danish industrial firms and start up companies with creative product ideas. Therefore Develco is expanding the staff to the development of the many projects.

In the software team Develco has employed Christoffer Gjedsted Brask as new R & D Software Engineer to continue the work with the latest wireless protocols for the exciting research project Drones4Energy and other innovative software projects.

Christoffer is a graduate engineer in electronics and a civil engineer, specializing in computer technology from Aarhus University. During his internship in connection with the engineering study Christoffer worked with various projects among others embedded software development including low level drivers for micro controllers and IoT solutions on Raspberry Pi and development board from Nordic Semi Conductor with various wireless communication protocols.

Already during my engineering study I participated in the start-up of the IoT project Drones4Energy with cooperating drones via the technology LoRa. In this connection I talked with Develco for the first time. The work at Develco captures my area of interest within embedded software development with focus on wireless communication technology. I have got off to a flying start with the project Drones4Energy and I am very happy with my work here at Develco”, says Christoffer.