Anyware Smart Adaptor

Anyware Solutions is an entrepreneurial company that has developed the idea of an internet-connected adaptor that can be built into a standard E27 lamp design. The design includes built-in sensors that measure temperature, humidity, sound and surrounding light. It can thus act as a burglary alarm, monitor the indoor climate and control the light. The founders of Anyware Solutions firmly approached Develco to resolve the development task.

Anyware Smart Adaptor

The Challenge

The concept proposal was described, but to ensure an accurate and realistic project a detailed concept clarification was initially carried out. This revealed options and risks and the consequent appropriate modifications. Mechanics was the big challenge as the size and shape are determined by the cavity between the wraps in E27 / E14 adapter. Compared to the wishes of functionality, the available space was therefore very cramped.

Develco’s Solution

Develco had to use very small components, such as 3×3 mm Pson ICs, and PCB is a flexible Rigid-Flex PCB. Anyware Smart Adaptor can be operated via Anyware app, but it will also be compatible with Apple HomeKit and Amazon Alexa / Echo and the service IFTTT

Develco has not only been responsible for the development task in relation to Anyware Smart Adaptor, but also for product maturity. Develco has also been responsible for the design and development of plastic molds necessary for the production of prototypes and for mass production. One of Develco’s core competencies is exactly Design For Manufacturing. Optimization in relation to production costs and quality is of course essential for the market success and the profitability of a product.


Anyware Solutions has fulfilled their desire for a solution that is so small that it becomes almost invisible in the user’s home or office and it is easy to operate.

The solution can not only be used to alert in case of burglary, but Anyware Smart Adapter can collect data that allows insurance companies to use the solution to advise their customers targeted and preventively based on data from the home of the customer.