A device safely connecting Grundfos pumps to their Remote Management System.

Grundfos Connect Box G501

A gateway connecting Grundfos pumps to a Remote Management System


Effective monitoring of pumping systems has major safety and economic importance in prevention of breakdowns or extraordinary load and improvement of plant performance. Grundfos therefore sets up a Remote Management System called GRM, which is an Internet-based system for monitoring and managing pump installations in e.g. commercial buildings, water supply networks and sewage systems. With connection to the GRM system, the user has a full overview of the system operation via PC as well as a text message in case of emergencies. Full advantage of the GRM demanded a device that enabled the connection to the system for all institutional users with Grundfos pumps.

Develco’s Solution

Develco has developed a gateway, G501 Connect Box, which is distinguished by many connection options and is thus optimized for residential and commercial buildings, municipal buildings and institutions with Grundfos pumps. The unit can be connected to the pumps via wired communication (GENIbus) and wireless in the form of radio communications. G501 can also be connected via pulse-width modulation (PWM), digital input and output or start / stop relay. In addition, the G501 has three inputs for external sensors for measuring pressure, flow and temperature.

The large and complex developmental challenge for the engineers was to familiarize themselves in old protocols and software and make a flawless conversion to a present transmission standard.


Product-wise Grundfos pumps have had a leading technological position for many years. By Internet of Things solutions as G501 Connect Box, Grundfos has also taken the lead in the Service section.  GRM provides Grundfos with access to Big Data on all monitored systems and thus, a valid analytical basis for optimization of both pumps and services. Effective monitoring of pumping systems and increased opportunities for prevention of breakdowns or extraordinary load are also a positive social gain.