Develco achieves funds to carry out research project

improving antenna performance in IoT-solutions

In collaboration with Frederiksberg Forsyning, SEAS-NVE, DELTA and Aarhus University School of Engineering, Develco has achieved funds to carry out an innovative research project named EnergyBigger.

Digitization and IoT

When it comes to digitalization, Denmark is taking a leading position. The project, EnergyBigger, will contribute to realizing the vision of a digitalized world.

The foundation for digitalization and IoT is data collection and data transmission. Therefore, the antenna performance plays a crucial role in ensuring successful IoT solutions. EnergyBigger will attempt to determine how to improve signals between antennas. This will ensure future optimization of wireless communication between antennas installed on gateways and wireless devices in IoT systems.

EnergyBig and EnergyBigger

EnergyBigger is a continuation of the project EnergyBig that researched on finding the technologies that were best suited for energy IoT solutions. In the project, the standards LoRa and SigFox were chosen due to their very low battery consumption and long communication range. The continuation EnergyBigger was proposed in order to gain even better knowledge on wireless technologies’ performance in different environments, where buildings, trees, humans etc. can interfere with the signals. The wireless technology that will be tested in the project is LoRa. However, the knowledge will also be applicable on other wireless standards. The knowledge that will be gathered during the project will pave the ground for even better antenna performance in future gateways and wireless devices.

“Living Lab” Svebølle

Part of the EnergyBigger tests will be carried out in a living lab in the small Danish village called Svebølle. Together with Develco’s collaboration partners, a range of sensors and gateways that send information via wireless communication standards such as LoRa have been installed. Among others, sensors have been installed in parking lots to keep track on cars, in the trash cans to get information on when to empty them, and in the school to measure the air quality. The setup makes it possible to test wireless technologies in a real environment in order to be able to optimize and implement the systems in large scale later on.

Significant environmental benefits

EnergyBigger will among other things focus on the positive environmental benefits that can be achieved. By improving the signal between antennas, it is possible to optimize operations, reduce waste and achieve lower energy consumption for pumps etc. The knowledge gained through the research project will ensure that Develco can continue to contribute with the latest knowledge on wireless technologies in future customer projects.