New R & D Software Engineer with Creative Skills at Develco

Technology Development Partner Develco is busy developing technology products for the customers and has therefore employed Asbjørn Lybker Christensen as a new R & D Software Engineer for the development team.

Asbjørn Lybker Christensen has chosen a very targeted engineering education from Aarhus University. First as a diploma engineer in electronics and then as a civil engineer specializing in electrical technology. A very conscious choice on the part of Asbjørn, as the two educations complement each other. During his engineering education, Asbjørn has simultaneously focused on acquiring study-relevant work experience. Asbjørn has had a student job at DISCO, Denmark’s national student CubeSat programme, where he has developed ground stations for satellite communication for use in physics classes at high schools and participated in the initial conceptual development of the DISCO 2 satellite. During his diploma engineering studies, Asbjørn has worked in the development department at Martin Professional in his internship and with electronics at HMF in his bachelor’s project. In his thesis at the civil engineering studies, Asbjørn worked with control of management algorithms for drones with inspiration from the Drones4Energy project.

In addition to his versatile technological work experience from his student days, Develco’s new R & D Software Engineer possesses creative skills, which he uses on painting, photography, and musical instruments in his spare time. Asbjørn Lybker Christensen himself states: “The combination of my engineering education in electrical technology and my work experience means that I feel comfortable with the variety of development projects at Develco. Here I can fully use my creativity and at the same time get the opportunity to learn new technologies. Furthermore, the job at Develco fits perfectly with my two specialization packages: Internet of Things IoT and Wearable Devices and my thesis at the engineering studies. I have always been curious about acquiring new knowledge and I look forward to developing new exciting technological product solutions for Develco’s customers“.

Asbjørn Lybker Christensen Develco A/S