Develco looks forward to a strong collaboration with Trifork for the benefit of the customers

Trifork’s investment in Develco has strengthened Develco’s ambitions for greater future growth with more IoT projects within among other things Smart Building and the need for new competences for technological development projects for Develco’s customers.

For several years, Develco and Trifork have co-operated about development of hardware and software for user-friendly and secure digital customer solutions. The future collaboration between Trifork and Develco provides opportunities to offer present and future customers development of complete IoT solutions. Right from Develco’s development of hardware with devices, sensors, gateways etc. for data collection on to Trifork’s Cloud solutions with presentation of valuable data, Cybersecurity, and data hosting. The co-operation with Trifork constitutes very good synergy and is the perfect complement between hardware and software for development projects for our customers. With Trifork’s and Develco’s mutually complementary competences, Develco aims to continue the good growth and fulfill the growth ambitions – both for Trifork and for Develco.

At Develco, we look forward to working with our new colleagues at Trifork and to developing more exciting End-to-End IoT solutions for our customers in the future”, says Develco’s CEO Jakob Bjerre.

Develco and Trifork