Tailored End-to-End IoT Solutions

Together with one of our strategic IoT co-operation partners, Iterator IT, Develco offers tailored End-to-End IoT solutions for your company. The development of an End-to-End IoT project comprises the entire process from sensor to data presentation to the end user. When we review an End-to-End IoT project with your company, you are the expert and know which data will be valuable to your company. After the review we contribute with our technological competences to elaborate the entire process from development of hardware to secure data storage in the Cloud and data presentation to your end users.

Data Collection

Develco is responsible for development of IoT products, devices, and gateways which can collect data and transmit data to the Cloud. Develco helps you through the entire process from concept clarification to development of an intelligent product solution being able to convert data from the physical analogue world to digital signals in the Cloud.

The Cloud Solution

Iterator IT is responsible for the Cloud solution. When data are sent to the Cloud, Iterator IT takes over the work and builds the systems to be used for data processing of your company’s Big Data.

Value of End-to-End IoT Solutions

The purpose of End-to-End IoT solutions is to create value for your company both financially, but also in the form of e.g. increased efficiency, optimization of processes, or new features for your company’s existing products.

Develco and Iterator IT can help you to create value with tailored End-to-End IoT solutions.

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Develco Iterator IT End-to-End IoT Solutions