Develco develops sustainable technological solutions of tomorrow

The exhibition Technomania 2019 will focus on future technology and sustainability. The experienced and independent development house Develco has the same focus during the development of products with electronics, embedded software, wireless communication technology and IoT solutions. Develco follows the 10 CSR principles issued by UN Global Compact.

Latest Technologies

Develco has competences within a wide range of technologies including sensors, motor controls, wireless communication, gateways and Internet of Things IoT. During the years, Develco has developed many different product solutions with wireless communication for consumers, industrial customers and public institutions. Develco keeps up to date with the latest technologies so that the customers can differentiate their companies with products with new smart features compared to their competitors.

Sustainable Product Development

Develco is environmentally conscious and has elaborated a CSR policy which is valid through the entire value chain from suppliers to customers. For development projects, Develco selects co-operation partners with an elaborated CSR policy focusing on sustainability.

In development processes of new product solutions for customers, Develco chooses environmentally friendly technologies with reduced energy consumption, low power and a minimum of CO² emissions. The final products comply with existing directives about restrictions in the use of hazardous substances in electric and electronic equipment. In general, Develco is striving to minimize waste and environmental impact as much as possible.

Environment and sustainability is the basis for the product solutions which we develop. Our CSR initiatives are highly prioritized, and the product solutions which we develop and deliver to our customers must be in balance with the environment”, says CEO Jakob Bjerre.

Develco exhibits at Technomania 2019