The Future Trend Is Intelligent Digital Solutions and

Globalization, but Many Danish Manufacturing Companies

Are Hesitant in Relation to Internet of Things (IoT)

It is rather alarming, and the reason reported [1] by the companies themselves is the inability to identify an appropriate business case alias a concrete idea. A partnership with a development company may be the way forward. Develco is a member of MADE [2], and based on experience from numerous successful IoT solutions, Develco is a qualified partner – both to hatch the good idea and have it realized.

Competitiveness Is at Stake

In the business world, it is difficult to find stories about companies that have been able to remain competitive with obsolete technology. The risk of ending up in this situation is steadily increasing. Words such as disruption and the fourth industrial revolution are heard more and more often. The words indicate that a reclined hesitancy may be fatal, as technological development accelerates. The credit for the development rate goes largely to businesses abroad, where the inclination to move from words to action is far greater than in Denmark [3]. With intelligent solutions, a company can achieve savings, improve quality and create products that better meet customer needs. If the old, usually loyal customers are able to find a better and cheaper supplier in Korea, so they probably will sooner or later. In the industrial market, they probably cannot afford not to. In short, it is definitely a good idea to think in terms of development. The alternative is liquidation.

Do as Grundfos

Grundfos is an icon in Danish industry, and the success of the company is not least due to a technological front position by virtue of Mr. Niels Due Jensen’s foresight. 20 years ago, Grundfos was a large pump company in a global perspective. Since Grundfos came first to market with electronically controlled pumps, the company advanced to be the world’s largest pump company.

For more than 25 years, Develco has cooperated with Grundfos, and one of Develco’s first contracts was about a communication solution in the form of a mbus to improve monitoring of pumps. The contract was signed by Mr. Niels Due Jensen. Later, Develco developed the mobile device, Grundfos GO which is connected to a smartphone and via radio and infrared communication transmits information about the functionality of a pump. The latest result of the development cooperation is the intelligent device, Grundfos GO Balance where wireless communication to a smartphone ensures optimum installation of a heating system.

Develco – a Partner All the Way

The core competence of Develco is development projects in the field of electronics, embedded software and wireless technologies. Develco can assume responsibility for the entire value chain from conception to development and management of subsequent production. Through cooperative relationships with several private equity funds, Develco can also assist in relation to any financial challenge.

[1] DI Business 27. 11. 2015

[2] MADE is an association under DI (Danish Industry) and it works across companies and in cooperation with universities with focus on elevating the technological level in Danish companies.

[3] Monitor Deloitte, Every.Thing.Connected.