The Intelligent Solution for Diapers Is Materializing!

The message has been heard before as it is far from a new idea to develop an intelligent solution for diapers to the benefit of people with incontinence and care needs. The realization has been long in coming due to technological and economic reasons, but SUMA Care and Develco are convinced that jointly, they have the right solution. The first sample sets of the technology making up the framework of the intelligent solution are currently being installed and tested in some care centers at the island of Funen.

Groundbreaking New Welfare Technology

SUMA Care has developed the concept idea of the project, Wear&Care®, which is an intelligent solution for diapers intended for use in nursing homes, hospitals, hospices, etc.. Wear&Care® introduces a new, patented sensor technology, which is a simple and almost invisible solution for data acquisition. The technology in the intelligent solution makes it possible to collect data from an individual’s need to change diaper and thus habits in relation to the need for the toilet. A sensor detects the humidity level in the diaper and stores, via a small transceiver on the outside of the diaper, the data in the cloud. Via the cloud, a message is sent to the caregiver, if diapers need changing. The sensor can also detect, if a person has fallen and for that reason needs help. The technology helps to ensure diapers to be changed or other assistance given at the right time, causing the least possible inconvenience to the individual and thus ensuring a higher quality of life for citizens as well as caregivers. The collected useful knowledge can be used in the general development of the care, treatment and health areas, where the ideal must be – to the extent possible – to ensure toileting and other care services in a timely manner.

ZigBee® Chosen for Wireless Communication

Develco’s contribution in the project is to develop the wireless communication technology that communicates data from the sensor via the transceiver to the cloud. The Intelligent Diaper communicates via ZigBee® to a gateway sending data via Ethernet to the cloud. Develco’s experience of many years in embedded software and development of wireless communication technologies enables Develco to offer SUMA Care expertise all the way from concept to product maturity and production. Develco can also provide installation and service when Wear&Care ® have entered the market.

Develco ‘s project manager, Christen Simonsen says about the project: “SUMA Care looked for a partner who could handle the entire hardware and software development of Wear&Care®, from concept development, product innovation and production. Furthermore, it is planned that Develco will provide installation and service of Wear&Care®. The project is exciting innovation in a growing market for welfare technology and matches perfectly with our expertise in the development of electronics and wireless technology.
Helle Thambo, COO and partner at SUMA Care said: “We chose to work together with Develco on a partnership basis in the development of the Wear&Care® solution, because they are experts in wireless technologies, and in particular ZigBee®.  We needed a 100% professional partner and this we found in Develco. We also needed to have a partner with knowledge of the international market and the challenges you face when working with electronics and welfare technology solutions.