Develco Upgrades and Standardizes the

Electronic Control Unit for BEUMER Group’s Sorting Systems

BEUMER Group A / S (formerly Crisplant) has a leading position in the global market for luggage handling and sorting facilities in airports and parcel centers. With an update of engine control, Develco has helped improve the technological platform of BEUMER Group and ensure quality and large-scale economy in the Group.

A Long and Fruitful Cooperation

BEUMER Group is a success story in Danish business. The development has not been without challenges, and it gives proof of the fact that a good and sustained business strategy as well as technological development are crucial to global competitiveness. Develco has been a collaborator for many years on the electronic side. Back in the early 1990s, Develco helped improve concept development and development of HW and SW to the S2000 Sorter Control Unit, which had groundbreaking technology in fieldbus and distributed intelligence. At that time, there was actually no word for fieldbus at all. The sorting system is currently running in hundreds of airports and warehouses and has continuously been updated by Develco.

The Latest Project

In BEUMER Group, it was decided that power supplies with higher operating voltage should be used. Develco  got the task to make the necessary upgrade of an existing BLDC engine control platform while ensuring that the platform is backward compatible. In the specific project, there was a need for changes to both software and hardware, which also enabled an increased capability of the conveyor belts. To ensure lifetime of the product as much as possible, a life cycle analysis has been conducted so that components that were close to EOL were identified and replaced. The developed solution is mechanically compatible with the previous PCB and can be used for all types of sorters supplied by BEUMER Group. Develco’s longstanding collaboration with BEUMER Group and knowledge of their products made it possible to complete the task despite a very tight schedule.

By virtue of his close cooperative relationship with BEUMER Group, COO Regner Krug Bendtsen has served as project manager. He says: “I have been involved in development tasks for BEUMER Group and the former Crisplant for more than 25 years and am now also responsible for the production of their electronic components. This background, of course, provides a good ballast as to competency, and this was also needed because of system and time constraints. It is generally the philosophy of Develco that we must solve the customer’s problem and avoid creating new ones. In other words, we must provide solutions that ensure continuity and durability in relation to the customer’s existing general system. This is completely in harmony with BEUMER Group’s wishes for the greatest possible compatibility, and I’m proud that we could complete the task within the very narrow timeframe. ”

Benefits for BEUMER Group

BEUMER Group’s wishes for technological change were fulfilled and the Director R & D Ulrik Steen Hansen comments on the development work as follows: “In BEUMER Group, we are very pleased with the project. The development team from Develco has worked very professionally and dedicated and the results fully meet our expectations. ”

In a group perspective, standardization and compatibility with previous system solutions are valuable both economically and in quality terms. Recycling of elements in the development process is – all else being equal – contributing to reducing sources of error, and the use of fewer components in the Group as a whole reduces maintenance and storage costs. In an era with much focus on “disruption”, it is important not to forget the benefits of continuity and standardization, and the BEUMER Group project illustrates the benefits of such efficiency awareness