New Virtual Showroom Inspires to Technological Product Development

The digital transformation is happening really fast. In order to give the customers an insight into the development process of technological products Develco has launched a new Virtual Showroom. As a valuable guide for companies wanting to develop new digital products or digitize existing products.

External, Flexible, and Responsible Technology Development Partner

For +30 years Develco has developed technological products with electronics, embedded software, wireless communication, and Internet of Things IoT for established companies and Start Ups with their own product range. We have strong technological competences and always works with the latest technologies. In the co-operation with the customer we focus on the customer’s business and needs for new digital products through a constructive dialogue. Develco’s development team works committedly when developing exactly the technological product solution which the individual customer demands. In the development process the customers can confidently entrust the technological development of their product ideas to us, while they are themselves concentrating on their core business.

Easy Guide to the Development Process

For many companies and those responsible for product development it can be difficult to see through the development process in product solutions with technology and digitization. For that reason, Develco has developed a completely new Virtual Showroom guiding the customers through all phases of the development process based on Develco’s project model. From idea to analysis, concept, development, 0 series, and to production of the finished developed technology products. During each development phase we guide the customers through important technical and commercial factors to realize the right technological product solutions.


Inspiration and Information in New Virtual Showroom

With Virtual Showroom we want to give the customers inspiration for and information about technological product development. We present our technology services and development competences in the various phases of the development process. In the showroom we display finished product solutions developed for some of our customers. The visitors can see our Virtual Showroom in an automatic version or a manual version with time for concentration. In both versions it is possible to switch between the different phases in the development process in order to get more information about a certain phase e.g. development“, says CSO Jakob Bjerre at Develco.

Develco Project Model for Product Development
Develco launches new Virtual Showroom to guide the customers through the process of technological product development
Develco Virtual Showroom
You can visit Develco’s Virtual Showroom in an automatic version and a manual version