A Safe and Unique Baby Alarm with the World’s Lowest Radiation

Many baby alarms keep a high constant connection and have a very high level of radiation especially if they transmit alarms via video or Wi-Fi solutions. Nabby wanted to have the safest possible baby monitor with a super low radiation. Therefore they contacted Develco to develop their baby alarm.

The result is the Nabby monitor with an average of only 0.08mW radiation when Nabby is listening to the baby. The very low level of radiation is a world record.

Develco Development Nabby Baby Alarm

Long Range Bluetooth Connection between Nabby Monitor and Nabby App

Develco has developed hardware, embedded software, and mechanics being the plastic cabinet of the Nabby monitor. As wireless communication between the Nabby monitor and the Nabby App Develco has chosen a special long distance Bluetooth connection with a range of up to 340 meters.

Via Bluetooth the baby alarm communicates and sends information to the Nabby App for smartphones and tablets when the baby needs care. With the Nabby monitor the parents get tracking of the baby’s sleep and indication of the temperature in the baby carriage. The Bluetooth connection has a strong two-way communication between the Nabby monitor and the Nabby App making the baby alarm safe and unique. In addition the baby alarm has a long battery lifetime.


  • Bluetooth with a Long Range of up to 340 Meters
  • Safe and Unique Connection between only Two Devices at a Time
  • Average Radiation of only 0.08mW
  • Battery Lifetime of 70 Hours
  • Fast Charging in One Hour
  • Nabby App for Android/Apple Smartphones and Tablets
  • Temperature, Sound, and Vibration Alarm
  • Crystal Clear Sound
  • Danish Design