Develco has strong competences within a wide range of technologies including electronics, motor controls, sensors, embedded software, apps for smart devices, connectivity, wireless communication, communication protocols, proprietary solutions, Internet of Things IoT, gateways and more.

For your company Develco can develop robust and reliable electronics products for applications in various markets, industries, and environments. We manage project management of product development of new technological solutions with responsibility and flexibility through the entire process from product idea to concept, development, pilot production, manufacturing and forward to production management, if your company does not have process knowledge about electronics manufacturing.

With the increased digitization many industrial customers, municipalities, and public institutions demand intelligent product solutions for the company and the society. As a technology development partner Develco can guide your company to the IoT world and Industry 4.0 and offer End-to-End IoT solutions comprising the entire process from data to value. Right from development of smart IoT devices for embedding into your company’s products, connectivity, gateways for data collection from connected devices transmitting data over long distances to Cloud solutions, and data processing. In the Cloud it is possible to analyze Big Data for presentation of the results of the data analysis to end users on digital devices such as computers, tablets, smartphones, and smartwatches. The results of the data analysis may provide inspiration for new digital business models with even smarter and faster technologies.

Develco Competences Technology