Antenna Design

In the development of technological products with wireless communication for data transmission the antenna constitutes a very important component, as it has an essential influence on the quality and the perceived functionality of the finished product. Therefore we take the importance of designing radio antennas adjusted to the mechanics and the product design into account to achieve the greatest possible efficiency.

We use measuring equipment to control the adjustment of the radio antenna to ensure the best possible efficiency. In special cases we make a radiation measurement in the 3-metre room at Force Technology. The radiation measurement shows any blind spots and the distribution of the electric and magnetic fields around the antenna. In addition the radiation measurement ensures that the antenna does not radiate more than allowed.

Individual Adjustment of Antenna Design

In the development process of new technological product solutions we choose as a starting point a range of standard antennas such as F-antennas and chip antennas, which we always adjust individually to your specific development project.

For some digital products with wireless communication we develop in case of limitations in the design such as lack of space curved, folded, or meander antennas. An example of this is the push button and temperature sensor for the communication solution Grundfos Alpha 15-55 HWR-D for Grundfos pumps in California

Develco Antenna Design
Develco 3D Radiation Measurement Antenna Design
Two examples of 3D radiation measurement
with adjustment of antenna designs

Develco Adjustment Antenna Design
When developing electronics products we adjust
the antenna design to the printed circuit board PCB of the product
Develco Printed Circuit Board with A-antenna
Printed circuit board with F-antenna
Develco Printed Circuit Board with PCB antennas
Printed circuit board with various PCB antennas