IoT Multi Platform

Small Compact Design with Many Interactive User Interfaces

Develco has developed a generic smart IoT Multi Platform with user interfaces and a number of MEMS sensors to measure temperature, magnetic field, gyro, air pressure, sound and acceleration. The Multi Platform can be built into various products and transmit data to the Cloud. Depending on the applications of the Multi Platform the number of sensors can either be increased or reduced.

The IoT Multi Platform can be used as a smartwatch for sports, an information media for guard and service staff, a small embedded computer in coffee machines and height adjustable beds, a control of alarm systems etc. The software in the Multi Platform is prepared for touch screen and for transmission of data to the Cloud. Develco can develop the right user interface customized to the applications of the customers.

IoT Multi Platform


• Cortex M7, 216 MHz processor with FreeRTOS
• WiFi communication
• Color Active liquid crystal display, 1.5” 240×240 pixels with MIPI DSI interface and capacitive touch
• Dimmable LED backlight
• Bluetooth Low Energy for communication with smartphones
• 2.4 GHz high gain integrated PCB antenna design
• Ultra low power design for optimum battery lifetime
• Interface to and control of MEMS sensors
• MEMS microphone with Pulse Density Modulation (PDM)
• Speaker